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Feb 4, 2018

Transplanted from the east coast, this destined-to-be-a-Californian had her apprenticeship in New England where she learned from such places as the Berklee College of Music, the Boston scene, and even the public library.

An accomplished singer and songwriter: her repertoire also includes the saxophone, bassoon, clarinet, and guitar. She draws inspiration from nature, and specifically the ocean where she can often be seen surfing. She always writes outdoors. Always!

This woman made her way to California (yay us!), set up by the ocean in Encinitas, and was quickly nominated for Best Singer-Songwriter at the 2017 San Diego Music Awards. Her joyful and spunky performance on stage combined with her old soul highlights her signature dance between dark and light.

Join us as host Laura Jane explores the music of the talented Sarah Rogo.

Track Listing

  • 00:50 - Misbehave
  • 14:04 - Born To Be Blue
  • 26:26 - It's Gonna Be Alright


Theme music generously provided by The Paladins