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Jan 28, 2018

With their roots in the dorms of San Diego State University, Chill Clinton has become an energetic powerhouse with a long list of venues that have borne witness to their electrifying take on hip hop, showcasing cool grooves, socially conscious lyrics, fuzzy guitar riffs, and spacey synth sounds. The two-piece act of Dan Rabb and DJ Morante has evolved from DJ-music to a live band by including Pat Knightly on drums, Elkin Zuluaga on bass, Touch of CAS (MC) and dynamic MC duo, The Brothers Burns. Listen to Laura Jane host as we experience the music and soul of Chill Clinton.

Track Listing

  • 01:36 - My Life is Real
  • 12:28 - My Kind of Crowd
  • 26:22 - Movies


Theme music generously provided by The Paladins