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Nov 4, 2018

We recorded more Robin Henkel than we could fit in two episodes, but it was all too good to edit out. So here is the extended conclusion of our interview featuring MORE songs, MORE guitars, MORE stories, and MORE Robin!

Track listing

  • 00:54 - Little Cars
  • 10:20 - Slippery Like A Watermelon Seed (Live at Thunderbird)
  • 31:30 - Mortero Road (Live at Thunderbird)
  • 37:05 - The Busker's Bounce (Live at Thunderbird)
  • 45:19 - E Minor 6
  • 48:50 - Mississippi Medley (Live at Thunderbird)
  • 59:00 - Take Me For A Ride In Your Mustang Rita (Live at Thunderbird)


Theme music for the What's Hapnyn San Diego Podcast generously provided by The Paladins.