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Feb 18, 2018

Since their formation in 2015, San Diego band Imagery Machine has set the local music scene on fire. Their distinct style of female-fronted psychedelic rock is unlike anything else around, seamlessly blending classic new wave with modern and indie rock to create an intoxicating, dynamic sound. Fronted by the sultry voice of Jennie Lynn, the band features accomplished musicians James Howard on lead guitar, bassist Will Parsons, and drummer Tyler Shimkus. Imagery Machine’s most recent EP, Skydriver, is nominated for Best Indie/Alternative Album at the 2018 San Diego Music Awards. The band’s musical energy and passion shines through their immersive live performances, which feature kaleidoscopic lighting, frenzied stage presences, and an imaginative use of glitter.
For this podcast, LJ is joined in the studio by singer Jennie Lynn and guitarist James Howard. They discuss how the band got started, what exactly is the Monthly Machine, and where the best dive bars in San Diego can be found.

Track listing

  • 01:12 - Skydriver
  • 10:52 - She's Gone
  • 24:27 - Comfortable


Theme music for the What's Hapnyn San Diego Podcast generously provided by The Paladins.