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Jun 24, 2018

Ariel Levine is a San Diego transplant hailing from New York, where he was the frontman for the fabled hi-fi punk band, KiNDERGARTEN. Eschewing the pressures of center stage in exchange for sunny beaches, Ariel is quickly making a name for himself here as a composer, producer, tribute performer, session & live guitarist/bassist, as well as performing with his own band, Mechanical Royalty. His new album, Let The Machine Live, garnered him a SDMA nomination for Best Album, as well as Song of the Year in 2018.

Track listing

  • 00:51 - Sunshine Part 2: On My Color TV
  • 13:55 - Wake Up, Look Down
  • 30:10 - (At The Bottom Of The) Sunset Strip


Theme music for the What's Hapnyn San Diego Podcast generously provided by The Paladins.